Internal Iliac Anterior - It Is U or MOIS

inferior gluteal
internal pudendal
middle rectal (also middle hemorrhoidal) (also remember int iliac also called hypogastric)
inferior vesicle / vaginal
superior vesicle / bladder

Prostate arterial supply: middle rectal and inferior vesicle

Prostate venous drainage:

Prostate lymphatic drainage:
periprostatic subcapsular network leading to 3 groups of ducts:
1. ascending ducts from the cranial prostate draining into the external iliac lymph nodes
2. the lateral ducts running to the hypogastric lymph nodes
3. posterior ducts draining from the caudal prostate to the subaortic sacral lymph nodes of the promontory.
Internal, external iliac and obturator lymph nodes are the most frequently involved by prostate carcinoma. Metastases to presacral and common iliac lymph nodes are rare.

Venous Drainage of Rectum:
proximal rectum - IMV - splenic vein - portal vein
middle rectum - Iliac vein - IVC
distal rectum - iliac vein - IVC   NOTE: lymphatics - inguinal lymph nodes. Above distal rectum lymph drains to pelvic chains.