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DB 8.27.38 TIA
ABCD2 >60=1, BP<140/80=0, Clinical - Uni weakness=2, spch impairmt w/o weaknss=0, DM=1, Duration of TIA < 60 min = 1 Total = 5. 

Note: Risk of stroke at two days: 1 to 3 points = low risk (1 percent); 4 or 5 points = moderate risk (4.1 percent); 6 or 7 points = high risk (8.1 percent).

Exam: Neurological: She is alert and oriented to person, place, and time. She has normal strength. No cranial nerve deficit or sensory deficit. Coordination normal. GCS eye subscore is 4. GCS verbal subscore is 5. GCS motor subscore is 6. 

CT head neg, CXR nl, EKG NL.

AH 6.25.59 Anorexia  Look up MELD score, Child Pugh. Brad did paracentesis. Cx, gram stain, glucose, cell count.

CJ 12.4.71 Pancreatitis. DDX: Lipoprotein lipas def or altered apolipoprotein C-II. Causes pancreatitis, hepatosplenomegaly, and eruptive/pruritic xanthomas (no risk for atherosclerosis). Hepatic overproduction of VLDL. Causes pancreatitis. Exenatide. GET SMASHED. Gallstones, Ethanol, Trauma, Steroids, Mumps, Autoimmune disease, Scorpion sting, Hypercalcemia/Hyperlipidemia, ERCP, Drugs (e.g., sulfa drugs). Lipitor, lisinopril, and protonix. Will change lisinopril to valsartan 

 KL 10.3.66  POD # 4 status post diagnostic negative laparoscopy, tolerated PO yesterday, for Capsule endoscopy.

MM 10.3.83 IVDU osteo

MM 7.6.54 Ascites, abd pn.