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sx < 2 days / wk, awakenings < 2 per month, < 2 x wk use of Beta-agonists, baseline FEV1 & FEV1/FVC normal, no activity limitations
TX: PRN albuterol

mild persistent REF - this ref from an a random board practice question.
sx > 2 days / wk but not daily, awakenings 3-4 X per month, baseline FEV1 & FEV1/FVC normal, minor activity limitations
TX: low-dose inhaled corticosteroid controller + PRN albuterol

moderate persistent
sx daily, weekly awakenings, baseline FEV1 & FEV1/FVC 60-80% of predicted
TX: long-acting B2 agonist inhaler  + PRN albuterol

severe persistent
sx throughout day, frequent awakenings, baseline FEV1 & FEV1/FVC < 60% of predicted
TX: high-dose inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting B2 agonist inhaler  + PRN albuterol and oral prednisone if required.