STEP2 CK 99 %

Posted to UW forum - October 17, 2010

I am writing this note as a gesture of thanks to all who have posted their experience providing helpful input to us all. I wrote CK today. The questions were structured similarly to UW. For prep I used the UW questions and then went to Kaplan QB but found that the user interface wasn't very good and the content didn't seem as relevant so I requested and received a refund from Kaplan. Kaplan questions are unrealistically long, and the labs are spread all over the page, which creates a great deal of unnceccesary eye fatigue. Kaplan was very courteous in providing the refund without a hassle. If you know everything in UW you will do fine. If you can survive the fatigue you will probably make a 99 if you know everything in UW. But that is the hard part.. On the last few question banks I was too tired to worry. My wife's unrelenting support got me through this trial. Good luck to you all.

Followup posted - November 3, 2010
As a followup note, I received my CK score on November 3 2010 with 99%. I have had several requests for strategies. So here it is - My first goal was to prepare individually for each of my core rotations. Do this any way you like, whether it's the Blue Book for Obstetrics or MKSAP for IM or maybe you just want to start with FA CK. A friend of mine memorized FA CK and then went straight to UW for one pass and did very well. He's a very bright guy. I think you could actually use UW for study material during your cores, but that would require a long subscription. I was not able to read FA CK - I thought it was unduly long, non-specific and wordy. I also looked at Step-Up, but felt it was also non-specific (especially for trauma, surgery, stroke management ... CK is a lot about "what's next"). Nevertheless, I read SU once. DIT is of questionable value, but would be helpful to someone with limited US clinical experience. Via your chosen method you will eventually be faced with the real question - "do you know UW cold ?" If the answer is in the affirmative, you will do well. However, be certain you know mechanisms, next steps, and why every answer to every question is either true or false. Avoid Kaplan QB. Kaplan is all about making money for their new owner and other non-Step-related interests. This is reflected in the quality of their questions and complex marketing strategy. As noted, I received a courteous refund after 1 or 2 tests taken. Be ACLS certified - it's good for your patients and it appears on the test, and you'll need it as an intern. As you may have seen in other parts of this forum, the Steps changed over the summer and there have been some low recent low scores. This phenomenon can only be effectively managed with a strong foundation in disease pathophysiology. I believe the NBME will continue to increase the level of difficulty of the the tests. Through simulation and multimedia NBME is working to defeat rote memorization as a method of preparation. The aspect of UW I appreciated the most, however, is that it is, in fact, relevant medicine. 
Good luck to you all.