ABO | Heme

MCV > 100 Workup:

Reticulocytosis (high RDW)
B12 and Folate deficiencies
Liver Ds

Low B12, folate, and high methylmalonic acid levels
• Other sx – glossitis, anorexia, diarrhea
• B12 – paresthesias, ataxia, weakness,
upgoing toes
• Other labs – hypersegmented PMNs, elevated LDH, pancytopenia
• Treat with oral folate; B12 (PO, SL, IM, or nasal)

Iron therapy should raise Hgb 0.2 g/dL/day. REF

Symptomatic pts <= 65 yo with MM undergo autologous stem cell transplantation. REF

 Name conditions caused by PCV: (portal vein thrombosis, splenomegaly). REF

Name the causes of primary and secondary lymphocytosis. REF

Recall the DDX for microcytic anemia ? (list 5) REF

Mom is O- and D antibody positive, when is baby at risk ? REF

Blood bank Andrea Gerneer 12177
Delayed hemolytic reaction can cause acute blood loss in subsequent transfusions.
Workup: LDH, Haptoglobins, Reticulocyte count
Responsible Abs:
- FYB Duffy B, Anti Little S - these are likely culprits, but can diminish over months.  A recent transfusion  (ie 1 week ago) could "bump" them up resulting in delayed intravascular hemolysis. Acquired by xfusion.
- Anti Big C and Big (RH group) - these don't diminish over time.
- First transfusion 11.2012 - 6 months prior to presentation sensitized by xfusion cells with these Ags.
- Recent xfusion (6.2012) will result in hemolysis b/c new Abs are made in the interim.