12 hr old DuNe Mathers with Jaundice. (HHSP). Note: Jaundice in an infant < 24 hrs old is pathological.
3 mo M Mo BFPV Mathers
6 mo M Shoe Mathers
2 yo M Knee CFTR_MEN Mathers
9 yo M Bay AIMER Mathers
16 yo F DaSH PERCy Mathers
20 yo F NooSe ACHHLP Mathers
21 yo F NeTie ADDEMNPPP Mathers
25 yo M NaiL ABduHLaH the GHoSTT wants to date NooSe, NeTie & NeVa
28 yo F NeVa ABCD Mathers
40 yo M RoSe GLPRRS Mathers
42 yo F RN 6HMMPT Mathers
64 yo M CHaMbeRS, ADHIM, ADFHHN Mathers (SOB, Constipation,
75 yo M KooL AABEIPVU Mathers

DDX Iron deficiency anemia & vitamin D deficiency
- celiac ds (possibly no apparent malabsorption) - screen - anti endomysial and tissue glutaminase antibodies, confirm - biopsy