Read all these at once - they can be "tricky" when spread around.

1. MC cause of diarrhea in adults ? REF

2. MC cause of bacterial diarrhea ? REF

3. Norovirus cxs more emesis than diarrhea and lasts no more than 24 hrs. REF

Key Learning Points - Diarrhea
• Rotavirus is the leading cause of infectious diarrhea in
• Salmonella is the leading cause of food-borne disease
in US
• Shigella is the most common cause of bloody diarrhea
in the US
• Antibiotics are not indicated for treatment of E. coli
• Amoxicillin is most common offending antibiotic for
pseudomembranous enterocolitis
• Prophylaxis for traveler’s diarrhea is NOT recommended