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1. acute MI
2. contusion
3. digitalis
4. myocarditis (Freidrich's)
5. old pericarditis
6. strain pattern (assymetric)
7. Wellen Syndrome
Apparently the non-Q wave MI in 1. is the same as 6. (Wellen's syndrome according to Maven11)   
8. CNS disease (intracranial hemorrhage, head injury, tumor).  When there are huge (> 10 mm) inverted T waves, long QT intervals and bradycardia. Intracranial bleed.
9. apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
10. intermittent right ventricular pacing or intermittent LBBB ("memory T waves"; usually with upright T waves in I and aVL (7,8,9 from Maven11)