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CURB-65, also known as the CURB criteria, is a clinical prediction rule that has been validated for predicting mortality in community-acquired pneumonia[1] and infection of any site.[2] The CURB-65 is based on the earlier CURB score[3] and is recommended by the British Thoracic Society for the assessment of severity of pneumonia.

The score is an acronym for each of the risk factors measured. Each risk factor scores one point, for a maximum score of 5:

  • Confusion of new onset (defined as an AMT of 8 or less)
  • Urea greater than 7 mmol/l (19 mg/dL)
  • Respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute or greater
  • Blood pressure less than 90 mmHg systolic or diastolic blood pressure 60 mmHg or less
  • age 65 or older

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