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Pre-op Prep

*** has risk factors for all three major complications: cardiac, pulmonary, infectious. Her diagnoses include cardiac, respiratory disease and DM.

Her functional capacity is below 4 METS.

Will consider perip bronchodilators, steroids and incentive spiorometry.

Albumin level should be > 3.2.

Will D/C ASA and NSAIDs at least 1 week prior to surgery.

Immunizations are up to date.

IF smoking she must quit 8 weeks prior to allow for normalization of ciliary function.

Hg last was 10.

Stress test - reversible defects = indication for revascularization.

Glucose - runs high will need to be between 140 and 180 for procedure. ggt likely.

Last A1c 5.8

BUN/Cr within normal. 

Last CXR was non-acute.

Code status - Full

POA - 

COPD at baseline.

HTN at goal.