Answer 1

D. Tension PTX

PEEP is used in patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure (ARDS, cardiogenic edema) and obstructive airway disease.
In ARDS, lung injury causes inflammation and edema, leading to alveolar collapse and poor oxygenation.
PEEP maintains airway pressure above atomospheric pressure at end of expiration, counteracting alveolar
collapse, increasing functional residual capacity and decreasing the work of breathing.
When PEEP is too high, complications can occur including alveolar damage, tension PTX, and hypotension.
ARDS patients are especially susceptible to barotrauma because lung tissue is already compromised.
Barotrauma can result in parenchymal rupture resulting in air leakage into the pleural space.
Tension PTX would compress the mediastinum and impair right ventricular filling, resulting in
hypotension, tachycardia and absent left-sided breath sounds.

Ref: UW