High glucose levels decrease efficiency of WBCs.
Spit has many epithelial cells, expressed sputum does not.
Initial spike in infectious leukocytosis due to demargination.
Naprosyn test - fever of unk origin abates in malignancy.
Mid-stream catch - rule out urethritis.
Polymicrobial UTI usu due to instrumemtation or trauma.
MC Cx abscess in kidney - S. Aureus - DM MC, Hematogenous Infection.
Histoplasmosis does what TB does except for pleural effusion.

Peptostreptococcus - Gram +, Catalase -, Non-hemolytic, anaerobe
- commensal - primarily in the mouth
clindamycin - b50S peptidyly transferase, anaerobes
amp / sulbactam (Unasyn IV) - also covers E. Coli
amoxicillin (PO) - cheapest - 0.30 / tab
moxifloxacin - $5 / tab
cefotetan -
ceftriaxone + flagyl - 
pip-taz equivalent to unasyn + gent - overkill for peptostreptococcus



Gentamycin - 30-50% removed (dialyzed) in dialysis.
Vancomycin - 20-30% dialyzed.

Tigacycline - No proteus, providencia or pseudomonas coverage
- extended tetracyline, can use against Staph

Lady Windemere Syndrome - respiratory MAC in thin caucasian women.
- difficult to treat

Mycobacterium Marinum - marcrolides
- indolent fishhook injury expect MM
- fulminant fishhook injury expect vibrio fulminificus (sea, seafood, cirrhosis)

Microfungin - empiric treatment for respiratory candidiasis

Send home on what abx therapy after vanc for MRSA ? Linezolid

Fosfomycin -