Set List:

Practice - start 7-22-17 - do each of these for 10 minutes.
- For the GT tutorials, see if you can do the "Performance" then walk backwards through lessons.

- Pink Floyd Practice Set YouTube ComfortablyNumbTabs
- Advanced Blues Licks - Jam Track MP3 , play with this pattern: A minor Pentatonic
- Pretending - advance through 1 lesson at a time.
- Dust in the Wind - place this and pretending on new wall  board
- Don't Fear the Reaper 
- House of the Rising Sun
- Let it Be
- Since I've Been Loving You - Ayla

--- LL looks promising - got it 3 months free - expires October 16, 2017
---- - works ok online - downloaded it and it crashed on 1st 2 files loaded - deleted it.
Notes on the neck:
1. The 1/2 way point is fret 12 at 12 3/4 ", total length 25.5 ".
2. The distance from nut to bridge is 25.5 ".
3. Where are there no accidentals ? F5, F10, F12.
4. Where is there 1 accidental ? F3, F7.
5. Where are there 2 accidentals ? F8.
6. Where are there 3 accidentals ? F1, F2.
7. Where are there 4 accidentals ? F9.
8. Where are there 5 accidentals ? F4, F6.
9. Where are there 6 accidentals ? F11.
0. What is the accidental on F3 ? A#
1. What is the accidental on F7 ? F#.

Remember the "WTF" lick from YouTube.

GuitarTricks Magazine:

Telecaster Discussion Page:

Daily Jam: 

GT Organization:
- Rock Level 1
- Rock Level 2
- Rock Lessons (Exercises) RGL
- Favorites (Repertoire): FAV

Good stuff, working through it now (2.8.17)

- blue notes: 3rd, 7th, 5th


The 4 note solo - try it out.

- Consider going through GT and layout tutorials / lessons for a specific genre,
then tie to the genre specific songs of each type. May just be easier to go through
all of the tutorials.
Great "Sing-along" songs per Juliane

She will play rhythm if I play this:

Browned Eyed Girl
Down on the Corner
Wonder Wall
Chasing Cars
Free Falling
Sweet Home Alabama
Hotel California
Tears in Heaven
Country Road
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
3 major chords in every Key


Cmaj, Emaj, Gmaj
Dmaj, Gmaj, Amaj
Gmaj, Cmaj, Dmaj
Amaj, Dmaj, Emaj
Emaj, Amaj, Bmaj
Hotel California Chords
1-chord: Bm
V-chord: F#
Flat VII: A maj
IV Maj:  E maj
Flat VI: G
Flat III: D
IV minor: E minor
V-chord: F#
The CAGED system and chords with sharps.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice blues rigs.

The music of the night on guitar ? ALW in general.

Check this out sometime:

Guitar Aerobics - the code is in the book
- I kind of doubt I'll get back to the this one because there is no online version of the book (I don't think).

Here's the guitar patterns PDF from Scott Harris. Maybe I'll find a use for it someday.

Learn to play "Horse with no name".
GarageBand - get all the extra sounds ref Greg Baum x1286 Mac 

Chihaua Amp Reccd by Lou Larson ref

Great Ref Site - ex power chords

D5 - diminished fifth - 6 half-steps
P5 - perfect fifths - 7 half-steps
A5 - augmented fifths - 8 half-steps

Major - W W H W W W H
Minor - W H W W H W W

Major - R 4 3
Minor - R 3 4

Minor chord - Root + minor 3rd + P5
D minor -       D + F + A 

If a chord is in root position, then the chord root
is always the highest of the 4th. If a G7 chord is
not in root, the root is always the upper of an 
interval of a 2nd.

G F#
C# F# 
G# C# F#  
D# G# C# F#   
A# D# G# C# F#    

- how transition from Am to to the 7/5 chord on DITW measure 22.
- how to play the open to Duck and Run

Fender Purchase date: 5.11.16 Return date: June 25, 2016

Guitar Receipts are in "Receipts" folder in Juliane's drawer downstairs.

Lou Larson - guitar teacher from Guitar Center

Scott's amp - Blackstar 20 watt studio

Make people think you are amazing LOL:

Youtube:    Best 80s songs

DGX650 downloads: DGX650 downloads
DGX650 apps: DGX 650 Apps

Major  R  4  3
Minor  R  3  4
Dim    R   3 3
Aug    R   4 4
Dominant 7th R 4 3 3
Major 7th        R 4 3 4

A Guitar with 12 frets has a range of 3 octaves from open E on 6 to E on 12th fret of 1. ref
- Multiply the frequency of any note by 1.0595 (tempered scale) to get to the next note.
- E open 6 is 82.4 Hz
- E fret 12 on 1 is 659.2 Hz
- The human ear hears from 20Hz to 15,000 Hz
- 72 fret positions on a guitar and 37 unique notes.
[Fun fact: a piano has 88 keys stretching through more than 7 octaves. The lowest note on a piano vibrates at 27.5 hertz and the highest vibrates at 4,186 hertz.]

A is on fret 5. 3 frets up find it's relative minor - F#minor

E3, A25
B8, E7,10

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