Indomethacin - CNS side effects in the elderly.
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DDX for vertical nystagmus ?
1. Demyelinating diseases
2. Increased intracranial pressure.
3. Tumors

A post-traumatic air-fluid level in the sphenoid sinus is associated with basilar skull fractures. REF

Interesting Neuro exam of a person with brain death:
Pupils 5 mm, equal, non reactive
No response to voice
No eye opening
No response to corneal or nares testing
No vertical or horizontal doll's eyes
Cold caloric testing negative bilaterally
No spontaneous movements
No response to stimualtion of any extremitiy
Tone flaccid
No right Babinski
Reflexes absent
No myoclonus

Assessment and Recommendations:
- Severe anoxic brain injury, possible brain death
- Status has significantly deteriorated since 2/8/14
- Prognosis for any functional recovery is nil
- Prognosis for survival is minimal