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"Soap Exchange" is the secure cloud platform on which all system operations are conducted. is a fully encrypted and disconnected system. SoapXC utilizes "n factor authentication", (NfA©). NfA is a patent pending security protocol via which login, core authentication and non-repudiation services are provided at the network, user, device and document level to monitor and insure that security objectives are met at all times. Unlike commonly used security protocols, NfA does not depend on a single instance authentication to convey privilege within the soapXC system. User disposition is continually assessed throughout the access session. Unauthorized access attempts are monitored and  logged as incident response daemons ("irdS") locate and identify offenders. This instead of simply closing the session or denying access. The CareStandard CERT team is alerted within 30 seconds by the irD.  Countermeasures utilizing geolocation, intruder system fingerprinting and counter surveillance begin as appropriate authorities are notified and vectored to the attacker's physical location. Think about that for a moment.

"prn", as we call it internally is our "at the point of need" physician service. We have specialists and consultants in broad and encompassing disciplines with expertise ranging from critical and acute care to outpatient and wildness medicine. Our physicians form ad hoc teams with experienced professionals to help you resolve your medical challenges efficiently and concisely. We monitor this address 24 hr / 7 days a week.

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Average Annual Cost

$62B - 25,000,000 People

$14B - 700,000 people

$33B - 20,000,000 people

$32B - 5,100,000 people

$141B * 1% = 1.4B

There are 51 companies with >= 1 billion in revenue. is a medical informatics company developed by practicing physicians and information technology experts who are converging literature review, algorithmic treatment protocols and knowledge self-assessment with reinforcement at the point of care. is the research and development for the family of companies. will provide the essential facility required to bridge the divide between patient treatment, the emerging electronic record and clinical knowledge recognition and integration at the point of care while creating tools designed to promote patient participation in his or her own health while developing a personal knowledge base to assist in management of their medical conditions. will be established as a charitable trust focused on translation of healthcare from the basic science and research settings to practical application at the acute care, subacute care and community level. provides aviation logistics, critical medical transport, personal security, corporate system development, secure information system automation and cloud-based security services. is the consultant arm of is staffed by experts from diverse industries including electrical engineering, physics, aviation and medicine to police and active military trainers in threat assessment and management. The operators at (pronounced "cell corp") are here to resolve the most the critical security and logistic challenges faced by you, your family and your corporation.  contact xelCorp at: (product code "Z17")

Please see regarding the zolyte developmental timeline. 

 endocomp (product code "C17").

Endocomp is our breakthrough solution for patients consistent, painful tenesmus and abdominal cramping associated with constipation. The endocomp formula also decreases bad cholesterol and increases colon health. We have been developing this product for more than 20 years. Product is in late beta.