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  ACLS Medical Training


ACLS Medical Training is your complete source for advanced cardiovascular life-support, pediatric advanced life support, and basic life support. We offer a wide range of training materials, practice tests, and real-world simulations. Learn at your own pace and in as much detail as you would like. These resources have been written by physicians and nurses and reflect the most recent changes to the American Heart Association clinical guidelines on cardiovascular resuscitation. They are based on years of clinical experience in the most recent peer-reviewed literature.

The Presentation Group


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trial consulting, trial exhibits, presentations, trial tech support, medical illustration, graphics, video editing and document management services. Founded in 1994, we have consulted and prepared demonstrative exhibits for over 25,000 cases nationwide.



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KY Mental Health

Kentucky Substance Abuse Directory

Falmouth, Kentucky Treatment Options

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  An excellent point of care reference - the FP Note Book.

  Family Practice Board Preparation with Gordon

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  Summary of important studies:
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- pre-albumin is an indicator of prior 2-3 days
- albumin is an indicator of prior 2-3 weeks

 albumin    total lymphocyte
 3 - 3.5 1.5 - 2.0 mild
 2.5 - 3.0 1.0 - 1.5 moderate
 < 2.5 < 1.5 severe Medical Tutorials:
Easy auscultation.
Download a Youtube:
Big Note ! Adobe Captivate 7 will convert PPT to HTML5 ! steroid conversions:
5.15.2013 Metric MC-FP Part IV Solution METRIC  Congenital heart disease. - lots of slide shows. Ciphers and lots of other cool stuff.  For the online Q&A The ABFM NEJM clinical practice companion.
FP Board Review by Gordon
Discharge Summary
CS FA SohiMailArticles Bone Tumors Iron Deficiency Anemia  Early Goal - Directed Therapy in the Treatment of Septic Shock  Most frequently prescribed medications.
Step Up student resources Code: WK2JT76FTBW3 Awesome set of PPT slide examples Evidence based medicine The Oral Presentation - excellent

NEJM: 232 Articles
The Lancet Seminars: 113 Articles
Annals of Internal Medicine In The Clinic: 42 Articles

Pulmonary System Review
Don't forget Rivers' study in '01 "Early goal directed therapy and management of
sepsis and septic shock"!!
Tuft's open curriculum project:
XLS file with articles to review - post separately as time allows: articles Source for Medical Images Medical illustration company.
Review article collection - compliments of Sajeet.
- This is an excellent primer.  
- I would like to read Bates cover to cover, but I probably won't live to be 300.  Chest X-Ray Systematic Approach  New - 11/19/10  11/1/10 - What a find. I don't know if I really want SxChecker to be helpful, but I am experimenting with it.  Tell you me what you think.  X-rays made easy.  9/14/10. Haven't investigated it yet.  Breast cancer risk assessment tool - radiology image / case source - Another nice anatomy - check the quizzes
How to Read Chest X-Rays   - Test yourself with this EKG  - learning radiology
Psychiatry Treatment Strategies - see PDF below.
JHM Atrial Fibrillation Report - see PDF below  Excellent critical care tutorial.
STEP 1 Slides 1  
Clinical Rad MRS (CD) - good
Dubin - EKG - excellent
Learning Radiology - Mosby - too many words.
FA Step2 CK - so so. Great Heart Sound / Thoracic Anatomy review. Excellent eye anatomy / histology tutorial.  Yes, I am a plane junkie.  Member since 2004.  I am Single Engine Land Plane +  Instrument rated. Helicopter started. And a fitness junkey also.;; National Cancer Institutes online breast cancer prediction tool  
Nice PE ECG plus other things to investigate. Physical Exam Videos  
New find! Stroke syndromes + great sectional anatomy.  The Auscultation Assistant. Very helpful. National Cancer Institutes online breast cancer prediction tool - slam this if you have some time to review broadly.

MedStudy Test Materials:
Peds (REF)
Critical Care (REF)
Urology (REF)
All reading material (REF)
Rheumatology (REF)
Nephrology (REF) (REF)

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