Physical Training

German Volume Training: GVT Anabolic Minds

Tips for better abs:  Tips for Better Abs - anabolicminds (Contains sprinting programs)

The 24-minute work is coming - in the meantime checkout:

TRX Oblique Body Saw - quadratus lumborum, obliques
O: iliac crest & iliolumbar ligament
I: last rib & transverse process of lumbar vertebra
A: lumbar arteries, lumbar branch of iliiolumbar artery
N: T12, L1, L2, L3, L4
A: lateral flexion of vertebral column, depression of thoracic rib cage
TRX suspended lunge / power hop
TRX atomic push up / pike
TRX balance lunge
TRX power pull

Life before medicine - CERT operations, the EggHead "Christmas Hack",  
Surviving Y2K, the March 2001 attack and 911.

The acquisition of Background America - the world's first online background check company.
CERT = Computer Emergency Response Team - Now known more commonly as IR ("Incident Response")  - Making deals in Latin America is one thing, getting paid - "Boa Sorte", - Heard of an up-armored HUMVEE ? Not at your local Chevy dealer. - EggHead - "The Christmas Hack" - Where were you Christmas Day 2000 ? - Largest hack in dollars in internet history. - And 12 years later we made it to Apple, now just 1 step to go ....

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A committe is a cul-da-sac down which new ideas are lured, and then discretely strangled.
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