From Money Saving Pro - How to Clear your Cache in any browser:

"Assuming that one could build a machine that could recover a DES key in a second (i.e., try 255 keys per second), then it would take that machine approximately 149 thousand-billion (149 trillion) years to crack a 128-bit AES key. To put that into perspective, the universe is believed to be less than 20 billion years old."
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How to clear your cache in any browser:
Check these out from work:

Check the social media layouts at the bottom of this page: ref

Apple Open Source Projects:

Moving the MySQL database: mySQL

SoapXc should begin by ordering dx and meds, with treatment links to CS.

There is some random notes and things on this page - sort of my though dump point. Delete at will.

Create objects for everything, including NOACs, etc.

Using GitHub to host a website: ref

Dreamweaver: Create and Style Forms ref

Slideshow using CSS only:

Make a WordPress site (includes HostGator w/ unlimited domains). YT

WireShark supposedly finds network bottlenecks: - interesting open source site - check out IPv4 ! 

Add or remove Search Bar on CS site: searchBar

Interesting general NAT, VPN etc information:

Block Chinese Web Sites:

Ways to format your images with a single CSS entry
Finally - an image gallery:  - Great libraries of code for any application.  - DIV layout, triangles and other cool code generation. Another good custom code generator.  I would like to try this form generator - have to break out an old Windows box.

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