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Knee Examination:

Inspection with patient standing:

Neg Baker's cyst
Neg genu recurvatum
Neg Valgus deformity (knock-kneed)
Neg Varus deformity (bowlegged)
Neg Antalgic gait

Inspection done while supine:

Neg Masses
Neg Scars
Neg Lesions
Neg Signs of trauma/previous surgery.
Neg Swelling (esp in the medial fossa - depression medial to the patella).
Neg Erythema
Neg Muscle atrophy asymmetry (esp of the vastus medialis)
Neg Patellar displacement


Neg swelling, redness, heat or pain bilaterally
Neg joint line tenderness
Neg Effusions, test for
Neg Patellar tap
Neg Ballottement for floating object.
Neg Bulge sign - as might be seen in smaller effusions


Neg ROM limitation Normal knee ROM is 0-135 degrees 
Neg crepitus 
Neg Anterior drawer sign
Neg Posterior drawer sign
Neg Lachman test
Neg Valgus stress test (MCL)
Neg Vargus stress test (LCL)
Neg McMurray test
Neg Apley grind test

Notes to tests:
- Medial meniscus tested via external rotation + lateral force
- Lateral meniscus test via  internal rotation + medial force