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Vital signs reviewed.

Constitutional: Well-developed and well-nourished. No distress.
Head: Normocephalic and atraumatic.
Right Ear: External ear normal.
Left Ear: External ear normal.
Nose: Nose normal.
Mouth/Throat: Oropharynx is clear and moist.
Eyes: Conjunctivae and EOM are normal. Pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light. Right eye exhibits no discharge. Left eye exhibits no discharge. No scleral icterus.
Neck: Normal range of motion. Neck supple. No JVD present. No thyromegaly present.
Cardiovascular: Normal rate, regular rhythm, normal heart sounds and intact distal pulses. Exam reveals no gallop and no friction rub. No murmur heard.
Pulmonary/Chest: CTAB, no increased WOB, no sob, wheezes or rales.
Abdominal: No pain to palpation, no HSM, no guarding, no rebound, bowel sounds within normal.
Musculoskeletal: Normal range of motion. He exhibits no edema. See knee examination below.
Lymphadenopathy: No cervical, submandibular or supraclavicular adenopathy.
Neurological: A&Ox3, Normal reflexes. No cranial nerve deficit.
Skin: Skin is warm and dry. No diaphoresis, erythema or rash.  
All other systems reviewed and are negative