txt2MEDLINE allows users to search and retrieve MEDLINE/PubMed citations using SMS text messages. "The Bottom Line" (TBL) concept was developed because of the 160-character limitation of text messages. TBL algorithm generates a shortened version of the published abstract thereby decreasing the number of characters while attempting to maintain the key points of the full-length, author-generated abstract. The data seems to indicate that the TBL generally conveys the essential elements of the full abstract. Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18694232

Further Reference: http://www.lhncbc.nlm.nih.gov/ohpcc/current/ebm.html

Questions to be answered:

1. Could this be a freeware UpTodate.com replacement ?
2. Is the latency of UpToDate.com and other subscription references acceptable ?
3. Would you use this product ?

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