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Network Commands

Linux Network Commands:

Release the current DHCP lease:  (REF)
-    sudo dhclient -r

Renew the DHCP lease:
-    sudo dhclient 

Also try the following:
-    ifdown eth0
-    ifup     eth0

Troubleshooting Routing:
internet connection problem likely 2/2 no having "dns-servers" in the interfaces file ref
- remember to also check the fire wall:

And also check the firewall on SuperIMac, which I keep locked down.

OSX Network Commands:
Add a static route on OSX to a computer connected by ethernet to your machine ethernet port.
-    sudo route add -host -iface en0 or sudo ipfw . 
If unsure of adapter's name use the MAC address instead:
-    sudo route add -host -link 14:10:9f:e7:fd:0a

Bring the interface up or down:
-    sudo ifconfig en0 up
-    sudo ifconfig en0 down