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TechRepublic describes some steps to detect bots, then references IPAVOID.com, which isn't registered.

- Recall the http://www.ipavoid.com did not exist at the time of the article.

Script to block an IP address: REF
- I like ufw over IP tables so will scratch the foregoing approach.

UFW Management (REF) Ubuntu Server Guide for UFW (REF)
- ufw enable | disable
- ufw logging on|off 
- ufw logs: /var/log/syslog, grep UFW /var/log/syslog, grep UFW /var/log/syslog | less
- ufw default allow | deny - set the default policy (mostly open vs mostly closed)

- Working with PGP and Mac OSX (REF)
- stop brute for attacks with iptables (implement later) (REF)
- Kerberos (wish I had time, implement later) (REF)
- OpenVPN - pick this one up later also (REF)