IC vs distal ureteral stone


Stricture vs BPH vs chronic prostatitis

Catheter practice - flexible cystoscopy

Big median lobe  - during catheter placement.

Botox for the bladder

sacroculdoplexy - 

radiation cystitis - can be decreased by hyperbaric O2, azo can be used only a short time.

IC tx - Elmiron - will see improvements up to 2 years following commencement of medication.

Prostate CA observation - PSA Q6 months
- There are 2 patterns of prostate CA
    1. Slow and indolent
    2. Rapid - ex PSA 5, 7, 12, 20.

- rises with age
- a level of 4 or less is ok.
- a level of 5 = 25% chance of prostate CA

Narcotics in Urology
1. post-operatively
2. kidney stones


- Viagara works quicker than Cialis

Rounding w/ MD
.mwdhnp - H&P
.mwdgu1 - consult
.mwdconsgu1 - consult - which works.
.mwdd - post op note
.ri - radiology
.l - progress note

light cherry
dark cherry
rose wine - older
pink lemonade - home

Fluid Loss (Justin)
NPO - maint x 8hr
Insensible - 6-8/ml/kg/hr
maint: Parkland formula - review.

If called from ER w/ non-infected 4 mm stone and expanded renal calyx can monitor. See guidelines.

Get the Weider handbook on uro.

MTOPS - ref for long term BPH tx.

BPH is not linked to prostate CA but it can hide it.

Median is 3rd lobe extending into the bladder.

Can diagnose more high risk cancers on Flomax and Finasteride because they shrink the prostate and this decreases sampling errors. Together they shrink the prostate 30%.