Procedure requires about 20 minutes.

Post-operatively we want to confirm that you are shooting blanks before we give you the ok to stop using other forms of birth control.  As far as brining in the samples we really try to make this as painless for you time-wise if we can.  You don't have to wait up front or check in - just come by and say "I had a vasectomy" and drop off the sample to analyzed. Either of you can drop it off.  We'll give you cups the day of the procedure. After analyzing the sample we will give contact you by phone to give you the results.

As far as the procedure itself the risks are the same as that of any surgical procedure – bleeding, infection, pain.  We will be making a very small opening in the middle of the scrotum. We will bring both vas deferens up to that same some opening. There may be a few drops of blood, however, the risk of significant bleeding is very low - less than 1%.  As far as infection we give you some antibiotics the day of the procedure – a pill to take. Pain is most guys biggest concern, understandably so. We numb you up very well before the procedure here's the key to this – when you're at home tonight or tomorrow morn ing taking a shower take the skin of your scrotum – give it a pinch – take the skin of your arm and give it a pinch – skin in both areas is identical. We will also give you some pain medication to take home – a lot of guys say they don't need to take any of it - but you have it if you need it. The biggest issue with pain is the guys that tell the horror stories are the guys that don't listen to or follow instructions to take two days of rest after the procedure. You need to be a couch potato for 48 hours. First day you'll need an ice pack or a pack of frozen peas or corn – 20 minutes on 20 minutes off.  Next day hang out, rest, read a book or whatever. The guys who think they are resting running around town running all their errands, straightening up the basement, doing yard work – all that moving bouncing and shaking can lead to a little bit of swelling so we want you to take it easy for 48 hours. Beyond that the likelihood of lingering long term pain is exceptionally low less than 1%.

Long term success – once we have seen the samples and sure that everything is a-ok perfect the chance you will be fathering a child is very low.  Unfortunately, according to national data, there is a chance you could father a child in the future but vasectomy with tubal ligation have that less 1% chance of the risk of spontaneous reversal.  Statistically, however, this makes vasectomy with tubal ligation must better than pills, condems, IUDs and other types of birth control that are out there. 

No tub bathing for about a week but can shower. 

Once you're scheduled we can call in the valium if you need it.

It's easier if you shave yourself.

Any questions ? 

- Usually the end - additional data below.

Biggest problem is with people who com back to work too early.

- Actually some have said that shaving is the worst part of the procedure.

- Typical complainer –  is like one of those stories where one guy caught a 6 in bass then a year later it was a foot long and then ten years later it was the record on that lake …

- People like to tell horror stories so no one is going to chip in and tell you that it was great. 

- Generally what we hear during procedure is that this isn't nearly as bad as what my buddy told me or someone said at work.

-  We generally talk during the procedure and have a nice conversation about football or something. They're not squirming or jumping or uncomfortable in any way. 

- Reassure - if needed tell the pt he's not the first guy with concerns for discomfort. It's more surprising when the guy is not concerned about it. We do numb you up really well, then we give you a test. If you need more numbing medicine we'll give it to you but that's very unusual.

- Ensure - blocks the fallopian tubes.

It's easier if you shave itself.

Here's how the visit goes:

You arrive, check in, back to the procedure room – we're the only ones in the room – I clean you up with a bactericidal cleanser – the nurses warm it up for you so it's not misarably cold – I place a drape over you and then give you a test making sure the numbing medicine works then do the procedure which takes 10-15 min.  At the end I hold pressure on the slit – 9 out of 10 times the capillaries at the skin surface will clot off and stop that little touch of  bleeding right there  and we probably won't even need to put a stitch in. But if we did it would be a little dissolvable stitch. Then I step out you get dressed and come to the checkout area where you get your prescription and the specimen cup and you're off to home. If you are really anxious about the procedure we can give people a prescription of valium to take – the only difference is that if you take that you need a driver because you can't drive after taking that. 

You go home do your 2 days of rest and then you're good to go. Worse pain is needle stick – which is same as flu shot or blood draw – it's over and done in a jiffy.  That's why we say pinch your skin on your arm and scrotum – no one says it is like getting kicked down there.

At this point we do a quick exam to make sure you have 2 vas deferens and that I can access them – 1 guy in 1000 has only 1 vas deferens. Then you have 2 choices – at the checkout desk they have my calendar – we're happy to get you scheduled if you guys are leaning toward this – if you want to go home and think about it then you can call back when you're ready to schedule. 

Exam patient. Cardiac, lungs, press belly, check scrotum.

If you want to feel your vas d. just place your fingers between my fingers and feel that firm, rubbery tube – that's your vas deferens. “You have one on each side and they're both totally normal”. We'll bring them up to the surface it should be very straight-forward. About a 10-15 minute procedure.

Once you're scheduled we can call in the valium if you need it.

Any other questions ?

No tub bathing for about a week but can shower. 

Take this folder to the check out area – show them – nice meeting you and we look forward to seeing you at your convenience.