Carestandard Corporation is a global technology development firm that was founded in 2008 by it’s Senior Principal Dr. Marc S. Curvin. The firm’s primary focus is on development of technologies in the medical information technology space and special situation investments in assets in which it has developed a global expertise.

Headquartered in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio CareStandard Corporation maintains mutual consultancy relationships with physicians and allied medical professionals, technology subject matter experts, market analysts, systems security and software development professionals around the world. Committed to lean operations optimal returns to shareholders CareStandard Corporation consults various accounting and legal firms for accounting and auditing services.


CareStandard Corporation was founded in 2008 by Dr. Curvin as an informatics platform for R&D as he completed his medical training at the National Institute of Health in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prior to founding CareStandard Corporation Dr. Curvin was a principal and/or founder at four companies which were bought by publicly traded corporation between 1995 and 2009. A fifth company founded by Dr. Curvin was sold to a private party in 2008.


CareStandard believes it has developed a unique ability to identify opportunities having been in the public and private equity markets for over 30 years. The firm seeks to perform rigorous analysis of industries and individual companies prior to making any investment. Disruptive and evolving technologies whether via cyclical or secular forces provide consistent opportunities. Additionally CareStandard Corporation serves as a development platform for related companies in the telemedicine, primary care and charitable giving spaces.