COPDX .com was created to address the needs of patients with difficult to manage COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) characterized by frequent exacerbations and/or hospitalizations. COPDX focuses on the individual needs of the COPD patient and the seeks to create an improved quality of life while addressing the COPD disease burden to society.



Zolyte is a hydration system created in a critical care hospital setting for patients with difficulties accepting nutrition via an enteral route (by mouth). Having a achieved its initial goals in that setting Zolyte is a new product coming to market for athletes, military personnel and anyone requiring rehydration secondary to physical exertion, high ambient temperatures (desert) conditions, high altitude and those with difficulties taking other forms of oral hydration.



Bordercare.US was founded to address the needs of patients who are at the borders of our healthcare system both physically or financially. BorderCare seeks to provide resources to those patients including direct provision of medical care in remote areas.



PRNDoctor (icon) PRNDoctor.com seeks to address the need for timely, easily accessed and convenient medical care. It is a stand-alone platform purposed to allow easy access from a web browser or mobile device. PRNDoctor focuses on medical conditions that can be treated without the need for an office visit, and on providing an access point to care from any location in the world.