The CareStandard Corporation seeks to achieve deep investment value by focusing primarily on public and privately held companies in the spaces in which it has developed expertise over the past 30 years. CareStandard may also invest in real estate debt and development directly and through equity offerings in the public markets. The investment portfolio will include from time to time as deemed appropriate hedging and time-decay strategies designed to decrease volatility, add income and diversify the asset base. Tax efficiency and income diversification are among primary goals sought in the administration and management of the CareStandard Corporation portfolio.

The CareStandard Strategy generally is focused on:

  • Emerging healthcare delivery companies and focused solutions for chronic conditions
  • Established companies providing unique pharmacological and surgical solutions
  • Companies with strong growth in E-commerce and information technology
  • Legacy companies providing consistent returns via dividends and capital gains distributions

The strategy generally targets:

  • Rapid growth prospects in newly identified markets
  • Companies with strong balance sheets and income statements that appear undervalued
  • Momentum strategies identified in organizations with strong technical fundamentals
  • Restructured companies with excellent management teams
  • Likely takeover targets in niche markets demonstrating accretive or strategic value to potential suitors